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Title: FAQ
Post by: Alpha on May 11, 2018, 01:55:22 AM
Q. Are there any rules for my profile or pet names?
Yes, we have some rules to keep things friendly and safe.

A. You may not use offensive or inappropriate words in your pet names or profile information. Your profile and pets should be fine for children to view.
Do not share personal information about yourself, as this can be unsafe. For example, do not share your age, birthdate, phone number, email address, city, school, club, grade, full names or photos of yourself or your friends and family. Do not link to other pages where this information can easily be found.

You are also not allowed to express hate, discrimination, non-support or "anti" feelings towards people (or groups of people) in your profile. Please use positive language to describe your interests/beliefs/likes instead of listing your dislikes, or keep these beliefs out of your signature.

Q.What else could get me in trouble?
A. You may be banned or have other penalties applied if the staff believe that your behaviour has hurt (or will hurt) the website or its members.

Q. How do I become part of Midnight Writers Staff?
A. You can apply to become part of Midnight Writers Staff by applying for a position. You may only apply when Staff applications are open, if they are closed, you may not apply to become part of Midnight Writers Staff. Please do not beg to become a Staff member, this will lower your chances of becoming part of Midnight Writers Staff!

Q. Can I have multiple accounts?
A. No. You cannot have multiple accounts because we want things to be as fair as possible. Having multiple accounts is considered cheating and is not tolerated on Midnight Writers.