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Please read these rules before continuing the site. These rules are very important to keep everyone safe on Midnight Writers.
1. This site is for all ages- posting beyond G and PG rating is prohibited!

2. Do not share any personal information. Here is the list of things we do not allow to be shared:
•Real photo(s) of yourself, friends, family, etc.
•Phone number
•Email address
•Social media accounts: skype, kik, etc.

3. Keep all topics rated G or PG

4. Golden Rule: "treat others the way you want to be treated." Be kind and respectful to everyone!

5. You are only allowed one account.

6. Do not use bad language. There are younger users on
We do allow a few minor swearwords such as "ass", "damn", and "hell", but please avoid using this kind of language in your signature or profile.

7. Keep all of your posts, discussion, links, and images child-friendly!

8. No threats of any kind
•Death threats
•Suicide/Self-harm threats
•Hack/Virus threats
Threats of any kind is taking seriously here on

9. Keep all of your posts, discussion, links, and images child-friendly!

10. Stories, pics, discussion, and roleplays about dating and romance must not be sexual or explicit. Romantic encounters should be like those in children's movies - no more racy than a hug or a kiss on the lips. Breaking this rule can have serious consequences for your account.

11. "Spam" is not allowed. Spam is the term used to describe repetitive, off-topic or pointless posts. For example, it is considered "spam" if you create multiple topics asking for trades, when one topic will do. And it would be spam if you visit a topic about homework and post about trading - when you should only post about homework there. Please be careful to only post things that relate to the topic you're in. If you want to create a topic about something then make sure to find the right board for that type of topic. Don't create extra topics or spread your topics around the forum to try and get more attention, this creates a mess. Posts breaking this rule will be deleted, and you may get in trouble if you don't listen to staff advice about the matter.

12. Many boards have their own special rules to be aware of. Check for stickied topics at the top of each board. Specialized boards such as Roleplays, Trades,  and Art Shops usually have their own rules which you need to read and follow.

13. Overly gory, violent, or scary drawings and stories (such as creepypasta) are not allowed.


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